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Ino Moustached Parakeet

History of the Ino Moustached Parakeet at Hill Country Aviaries

A few years ago our friend Richard Cusick in California purchased some blue mutation moustached parakeets (original stock was from Europe). We always wanted them and, in a gesture of kindness, Richard sent us a pair of split to blue moustached parakeets as a gift. After a few months, the male of the pair developed some foot problems and self-mutilated. Richard replaced that male for us and the new pair went on to breed. Our very first egg hatched with red eyes! We were elated and as the bird grew up we found it was an Albino (Lutino and Blue at the same time).

This year, 2009, our third fertile egg from the pair hatched with red eyes as well. As it matured we realized it was a beautiful shade of yellow with the pink markings on the head and chest. It is a Lutino, probably the only one in the United States. You can see the white moustache beginning to form along the base of this bird's lower jaw. It turns out the Lutino is a male; so now we know the Ino mutation we have is a recessive.

For you doubters who think it is possible to cross a Lutino ring-necked parakeet with a moustached parakeet and produce this type of bird, trust me this has been tried by many and it does not work. First generation offspring can be produced and they do not have the standard moustached markings. A second generation is impossible (thus far) as all first generation hybrids have proven to be sterile (mules). Our mutation moustached parakeets are 100% Psittacula alexandri, moustached parakeets. There is no hybridization in these birds.

Albino Moustached Parakeet

Albino Moustached Parakeet

Our biggest surprise in 2008 was the hatching of the first "ino" moustached parakeet bred in the United States. This bird came from a pair of Split to blue moustached given to us by our friend Richard Cusick in California. We hope that in 2009 we produce a few lutinos as well. If you have any interest in this mutation, be sure to let us know so we can contact you when they are available.

Blue-cheeked Amazon Chick at 10 weeks old
Blue-cheeked Amazon at 10 weeks old

Blue-cheeked Amazon Parrot

In 2007, we were proud to announce the hatching of our first Blue-cheeked Amazon (Amazona dufresniana). This was the first breeding in the United States for this species.

Special thanks go out to Janet and Gary Lilienthal (Owners of the parents), Scott Stringer, Cathi Graham, Michael Vedas, Mark Moore and Emily Hayes.

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