Hill Country Aviaries, LLC

Updated June 2013

HCA Availability June 2013 (All prices are wholesale, unweaned birds, we ONLY sell to experienced hand
feeders,Additional 70% charge for weaning)

Ringnecked Parakeets (call for pricing)

Not tame pet birds, raised specifically for breeding purposes and aviaries.
Many mutations to choose from:
Pied, Violet, Double factor violet, Clear-head, Buttercup, Lutino, Blue, Turquoise, Grey, Albino


1st and 2nd Generation Hybrids (colors vary, write email for photos)$650-$1500
Blue and Gold Macaws $550
Military $450
Green Winged $775
Central American Scarlet $800
Blue Headed (Breeders Only)

Amazon Parrots

Double Yellow Headed $600
Red Lored $475
Red Lored Mutations (Call for pricing)
Yellow Lored $500
Cinnamon Yellow Naped $6500

Other species available

Blue Throated Conures (Federal Permit Required)
Sun Conures
Red Sun Conures
Dusky Conures
Vasa Parrots (greater)

Contact us by Email at :  Hatch111@Earthlink.net

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