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Pet Birds at Hill Country Aviaries

The following list of species are bred at Hill Country Aviaries, L.L.C. primarily for the companion or avicultural trade. Since most parrot species can make good companions, the criteria we use to decide whether a bird qualifies for the "pet trade" is its availability in captivity. In other words, we try not to sell rare birds into a pet home unless the owners are planning to someday breed them.

What Makes a Good Pet Bird?

Many people claim that one species or another does not make a good pet by virtue of its "wild" nature. Although there is some truth to this statement, we believe that the socialization of the bird in its youth is much more important than its genetic background. We have proven this time and time again by socializing the young of some of the most aggressive species and turning them into loving and wonderful pet birds. Everybody has a bad day - and it's not always the nature of the beast!

Eclectus Parrot

On the left is a male Eclectus parrot. In our experience, Eclectus parrots can make some of the best pets and very talented talkers. At HCA we breed several species of Eclectus parrots and find them all to be good pets.

Ducorp's Cockatoo

At the HCA we breed 18 species of cockatoos. The Ducorp's cockatoo is one of our favorite companion birds due to its smaller size and loving nature.

Citron-crested Cockatoo

A subspecies of the Lesser Sulphur-crested cockatoo, the little Citron-crested makes a great pet bird. Females tend to be a little shy, whereas males can be very outgoing characters. The particular bird to the left is actually a lutino mutation. Normally the Citron-crested cockatoo has a black beak, grey feet, and dark nails.

Leadbeater's Cockatoo

Sometimes called the Major Mitchell's cockatoo, this species is probably one of the most beautiful of all cockatoos. This is only because most cockatoos are basically white! There simply is no truth to the rumor that this species does not make a good pet bird. We have placed several Leadbeater's in pet homes where they are wonderful companion birds.

Jardine's Parrot

Pictured to the left is a mature example of the "Black-winged" Jardine's parrot. We breed all three available species of this parrot and find them all to be great pet birds.

Hyacinth Macaw

The largest in overall length and weight, the Hyacinth macaw is not the pet for the timid pet owner. Its not that they are aggressive or mean, but they are very intimidating to the person that does not know their "puppy dog" nature. Hyacinth macaws are still quite expensive, but are becoming more and more available.

Green Winged Macaw

Another of the larger macaws, the Green-winged macaw can be a fantastic companion bird and may learn to "mimic" many words.

List of Species Bred at Hill Country Aviaries, L.L.C.


Umbrella, Goffin, Citron, Moluccan, Ducorp's, Greater Sulphur-crested, Medium Sulphur-crested, Major Mitchell's, Slender-billed, Bare-eyed, Rose-breasted


Scarlet, Blue & Gold, Military, Buffon's, Hyacinth, Green-winged, Blue-throated


White-eared, Rose-fronted, Crimson-bellied, Brown-throated, Sun, Mitred, Wagler's, Golden, Green-cheeked, Yellow-sided, Fallow Green-cheeked, Double Mutations of the Green-cheeked Conure, Blue-crowned, Cherry-headed


Yellow-naped, Yellow-headed, Bodine's, Vinaceous (permit required), Hispanolian, Blue-fronted (Chaco region), Red-lored, Yellow-faced, Yellow-shouldered, Lilac-crowned, Green-cheeked, Yellow-lored

Eclectus Parrots:

Vosmarae, Red-sided, Solomon Islands

African Parrots:

Grey parrot, Timneh Grey parrot, Jardine's parrot, Sengals, Meyers, Red-bellied, Greater Vasa parrot

Southeast Asian Parakeets:

Plum-headed, Blossom-headed, Derbyan, Moustached, Rose-ringed (many color mutations), African Rose-ringed, Slatey-headed, Alexandrine

Australian Parrots:

Hooded parakeets, Scarlet-chested parakeets, Rosellas, Twenty-eight parrots, Red-capped parrots, King parrots, Princess of Wales


Mueller's Parrot, Great-billed parrot, Blue-naped parrot, Blue-headed Pionus, White-capped Pionus, Quaker parakeet (several color mutations), Black-headed Caique, White-bellied Caique

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