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Special Programs and Studbooks

The following species are bred at Hill Country Aviaries, L.L.C. (or will be soon), and offspring are offered to serious breeders only. Many of these species are subjects of studbook or management programs in the zoo or private sector of aviculture.

Crimson-bellied Conure

Photo by Richard Cusick

Photo by Richard Cusick

Pyrrhura perlata perlata, the Crimson-bellied Conure, is bred here at Hill Country Aviaries. Rick Jordan is the studbook manager for the USFWS/AFA Cooperative Breeding Program for the species. Rick Jordan and the staff received the U.S. First Breeding Award for this species in 2001.

The juvenile form of Pyrrhura perlata perlata lacks the bright red chest but is still a beautiful bird.  Young birds usually acquire their full adult plumage by one year of age.  The program has been very successful so far and young pairs should be available to persons wishing to join the studbook and management effort. Anyone wishing further information contact Rick Jordan by email at Hatch111@Earthlink.net.

Thick-billed Parrot

Thick-billed Parrots can also be seen at Hill Country Aviaries. We participate in the American Zoological Association's studbook for this species. Thanks to a cooperative effort between us and Backtalk Bird Center in Dallas, Texas, there are now two unrelated pairs set up at the facility. It is interesting to note that this species was thought to have inhabited areas of Southwestern United States at one time.

Festive Amazon

The Festive Amazon, Amazona festiva bodini is not common in U.S. aviculture. This particular subspecies, often called Bodine's Amazon, differs from the nominate form by having a blue head and facial area. Cooperating with Gary and Janet Lilienthal, we now house several pairs of this beautiful Amazon parrot.

Queen of Bavaria, or Golden Conure

The Queen of Bavaria, or Golden Conure is represented at Hill Country Aviaries as well. This species is listed on the United States Endangered Species Act, and federal permits are required for any monetary transaction that takes place across a State line. We participate with Backtalk Bird Center of Dallas in this breeding effort. Although a charming and wonder pet bird, Golden Conures can be noisy. Breeding efforts in the United States have been terrific, and this species is on the rise in captivity.

Rose-fronted Conure

Photo by Tammy Wilkinson

A subspecies of the Painted Conure, the Rose-fronted Conure, Pyrrhura picta roseifrons, is new to U.S. aviculture. They were recently imported under a USFWS/AFA Cooperative Breeding Program, in compliance with the Wild Bird Conservation Act of 1992. Rick Jordan is the studbook managaer for this species and maintains all breeding records for the program.

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